Druid Society

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Druid Society


Although the society title has, no doubt caused later speculations. The "Druid Society" was founded in 1772 at Beaumaris. Its membership according to the published lists included the local gentry such as Lord Buckley and members of the Clergy such as Rev W.J Cotton, and wealthy yeoman. They influence the locality performing social and community functions. These extended to ynys Mon and along the north Wales coast and reached as far as present day Barmouth. Originally, the society meet for social gatherings. However there rules of membership enabled it to raise sufficient capital to be redistributed to assist the community development in various ways. The society contributed to financing the privilege via financial assistance, contributed towards training in recognised crafts. However, more to the point they were very keen to encourage and promote new agricultural practices and techniques. The Society put forward prize capital in 1783 for the most prolific weighed clover seed crop. This was later extended to general farming husbandry where it rewarded the skills of the farmers who participated. Another area which the society became invived with was assisting through financual contributed to save human life. The islands coast line and that of North wales were the Druid Society mainly opperated has a treachous coastline. It to took is toll in the number of ship wrecks as later records show. The society further offered rewards to farmers along the coast, who was given an incentive of £10, if they were able to assist seamen in times of difficulty within rough seas. The overall innovation and society influenced and impact was very localised.


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Last updated December 5th, 2005