Sea Serjants


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Sea Serjants


The sea Serjants were a group of gentery whom gathered at areas on the coast, particular to South west Wales. Sinister undertones have also been directed to then during the period of 1726-1762 when identification and accusations of Jacobitism spread. It appears this group was small and had a singular membership which had spread into Bath and Hertfordshire. They tend to indicate they were all squires of social standing, who met along with their wives annually, at a designated seaports in Wales. The influence this society made revolved around the economy within the locality in which the meeting were held. However its mebership was surrounded in secrecy, the court testerment given by Sir John Philips of Picton its last president in Bristol; revealed the society exsistance. Over all later historian have suggested this group were likely to have been politicaly motivated. Indeed the members which are know do have a Whig or Tory leanings.


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