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critical history of the Celtic religion and learning: containing an
account of the Druids ... with the history of Abaris, the Hyperborian,
priest of the sun; to which is added, an abstract of the life of the
author (1815)
Author: Toland, John, 1670-1722

A political dictionary: explaining the true meaning of words.
Illustrated and exemplified in the lives, morals, character and conduct
of the following most illustrious personages, among many others. The
King, Queen, Prince of Wales ... (M,DCC,XCVI. [1796])
Author: Pigott, Charles, d. 1794

A popular history of the ancient Britons or the Welsh people from the earliest times to the end of the nineteenth century (1901) Author: Evans, John, Rev

Cambria sacra; or, The history of the early Cambro-British Christians (1879) Author: Nedelec, Louis

Celtic Fairy Tales (1892) Author: Joseph Jacobs

Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx Vol. 1 & 2,(1903) Author: John Rhys

Celtic mythology and religion (1885) Author: Macbain, Alexander, 1855-1907

Celtic Myth and Legend (1905) Author: Charles Squire

of the Cambro British saints, of the fifth and immediate succeeding
centuries, from ancient Welsh & Latin mss. in the British Museum and
elsewhere, with English translations, and explanatory notes. Pub. for
the Welsh Mss. Society (1853)
Author: Rees, William Jenkins, 1772-1855, ed. and tr

Mediaeval Wales, chiefly in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries; six popular lectures (1902)
Author: Little, A. G. (Andrew George), 1863-1945

Memorials of old north Wales (1913) Author: Jones, E. Alfred (Edward Alfred), 1872-1943.

Music In Wales (1948) Author: Peter Crossley-Holland

Prolegomena to the Study of Old Welsh Poetry (1903)
Author: Edward Anwyl

Survivals in Belief Among the Celts (1911) Author: George Henderson

The age of Owain Gwynedd. An attempt at a connected account of
the history of Wales from December, 1135, to November, 1170. To which
are added several appendices on the chronology, &c., of the period
Author: Barbier, Paul, 1873-

The Barddas, Vol. 1 (1862) (Ed.) J. Williams

The Barddas, Vol. 2 (1874) (Ed.) J. Williams

The Celtic Church of Wales (1897) Author: Willis Bund, J. W. (John William), 1843-1928

The Druid path (1917) Author: Ryan, Marah Ellis, 1866-1934

The Four Ancient Books of Wales (1869) Author: William F. Skeme

history of Wales, descriptive of the government, wars, manners,
religion, laws, druids, bards, pedigrees and language of the ancient
Britons and modern Welsh, and of the remaining antiquities of the
principality ([1824])
Author: Jones, John, 1772-1837

itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, A.D. 1188. By Giraldus
de Barri; tr. into English and illustrated with views, annotations, and
life of Giraldus (1806)
Author: Giraldus, Cambrensis, 1146?-1223?


The itinerary in Wales of John Leland in or about the years 1536-1539 (1906) Author: Leland, John, 1506?-1552

The Mabinogion (1877) Author: Lady Charlotte Guest

The Philosophy of Welsh history (1914) Author: Morgan, John Vyrnwy, 1860-

The Poetry of Wales, Author John Jenkins

The Religion of the Ancient Celts (1911) Author: J. A. MacCulloch

Royal Tribes of Wales; To which is added an account of The fifteen
tribes of north Wales. With numerous additions and notes, preface and
index (1887
) Author: Yorke, Philip, 1743-1804

Scotish Gaël; or, Celtic manners, as preserved among the Highlanders,
being an historical and descriptive account of the inhabitants,
antiquities, and national peculiarities of Scotland; more particularly
of the northern, or Gaëlic parts of the country, where the singular
habits of the aboriginal Celts are most tenaciously retained (1850)
Author: Logan, James, 1794?-1872

Welch Indians, or, A collection of papers respecting a people whose
ancestors emigrated from Wales to America, in the year 1170, with Prince
Madoc (three hundred years before the first voyage of Columbus), and
who are said now to inhabit a beautiful country on the west side of the
Mississippi (1922)
Author: Burder, George, 1752-1832

The Welsh Fairy Book
Author: W. Jenkyn Thomas

Transactions of the Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society Author: Cardiganshire Antiquarian Societ

Stonehenge, A Temple Restored to the British Druids Author: William Stckeley 1740

Stonehenge and Other British Monuments Astronomically Considered Author: Norman Lockyer 1909

Wonder Tales of Ancient Wales (c1922) Author: Henderson, B. L. K. (Bernard Lionel Kinghorn), 1873-


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