St. Cybi

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 St. Cybi


St Cybi is a 6th century Cornish Saint who as a "soldier of christ" on Pilgrimage resided in North Wales at Llangybi on the Llyn, where an associated sacred healing well is situated. This well during the Iron Age was probably the main water supply for the associated fort located above on the hill, which is now covered in trees. Whereas the cottage structure visable today has its links to the 18th and 19th Century together with a designed pool fed from the original spring behind the one shown below. The well healing properties was also associated to ells which used to be kept in the sacred wells however, the ffynnon (well) was believed to cure warts, blindness and rheumatism.

Overall Cybi ap Self ap Geraint Ab Erbin was a contempory to St. David, and is said to have been present at the Llanddewi Brefi synod where one of the items on the agenda concerned the Palagius hearsay. St. Cybi is also credited with building a church on the Holy Island which is part of Ynys Mon - Anglesey, and was an associate of St. Seiriol when resisdent on the island as stories abound with both saints walking and meeting in the centre of the island at Llandyfrodg. Both saints recieved there respective land which was granted to them through the generosity of Melgwyn Gwynedd. Indeed there are also other sites in South Wales associate to this saint, including a duplucate Llangybi on Usk. Although Cybi is reputed to have visited Ireland, as far as one is aware no place associations has been located.

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