St Illtudt

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St Illtudt c. 475-525 AD/CE 


St Illtudt is one of the early Christians which has been attributed to be a saint status, credited with being one of the teachers to Dewi sant. The saints cult of this saint is centered at Llanilltud fawr/major although it reached also into Brecon, and into Dolgellau in Merioneth. westwards the cult penetrated into the Gower peninsular and into Brittany.

His earlyreligious life appears to follow the teachings of the Desert Fathers, whit progresses from a single cell and ermatic existence to one which is spent with others in devotion to there divinity. This community living becomes established at Llanilltud fawr

A glimpse of St Illtudt can be gleamed from the 7th century Breton document concerning the Vita Samson. Apart fron Llanilltud Fawr being renowned for there scholarship specifically in the scriptures, philosophy, rhetoric, grammar and math's. It would also appear that St Illtudt was also a magistrate together with having a well known abilities to foretell the future. This is quite interesting, as what is being recorded here, is the saint might have incorporated both the pagan and Christian traditions together in harmony. If this is the case then there appears not to be a clear cut divide between the two where an infusion is probable. Indeed there are not many saints which I'm presently aware of which has been noted for there predictive ability in foretelling human affairs, this might hints towards a magi's quality in the case of St. Illtudt.


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