St. Seiriol

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 St. Seiriol - Seiriol ap Owain Danwyn ab EnionYrth ap Cunedda


St. Seiriol is generally associated with the eastern promontory of Ynys Mon, Anglesey and the later Augustine Monastery and church at Penmon. This in itself may well suggest there is a sense of continuity and reverence held in this particular place. Seiriol was related to Maelgwn through his father Owain Danwyn ab Einion Yrth. Although Seiriol was from noble stock and a freeman he nonetheless sort out an hermetic existence and set up at cell which is also associated with the natural spring/well. In the Penmon Abbey grounds in close proximity to the present church is a natural spring located next to a rock face dedicated to his memory. Nearby is a small stone circular foundation which some have associated to a hut circle or round house. In turn its been associated to relating to the cell occupied by St. Seriol has become attached to tradition. The well has since received a Victorian shelter very similar in away to what has occurred with St. Nons well. A new aspect was noted recently in the summer of 2004 apart from the coins within the well, visitors to the site has now also commenced hanging rags and ribbons on a nearby hawthorn tree, in the tradition associated with rag wells, from outside the local area.

Original 2003

Last Updated: November 14, 2005


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