St. Tysilo

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St. Tysilo - Tysilo ap Brochwell Ysgythrog  ap Cyngen ap Cadell


Tysilio was the brother of Brochfael Ysgrithrog ruler of Powys in the late 6th century, while his grandfather according to tradition is Pabo Post Prydain whom was present at the Battle of Chester in 613, and later fled into Wales. Tysilio family did likewise but moved from Pengwern westwards to Mielfod, This area later became the main seat of Powys in the 11th Century at near by Mathrafal. Although Tysilio was of noble lineage he acted against his family wishes to follow a religious life. He studied under the Abbot Gwyddfach who had founded a cell at Meilfod as well as at Bangor is Coed prior to the Battle at Chester. During the times of family pressured Tysilo withdrew himself once to Ynys Mon where a Llan was established at Llanfair PG, and later to Brittany where churches can be located which are dedicated to him also. In the past various scholars have suggested that he was present at Maes Cogwy. Its also suggested that he was present at the second meeting with the Roman Missionary St. Augustine concerning the Britons acceptance of Rome authority where recognizing the Papal Easter calculations. These was only accepted much later in 786AD by the Welsh church.

Original July 2005

Last Updated: November 14, 2005