Merlin's Wisdom

2001 - 2011

Now in metamorphous to be reborn in the distant future.

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In Merlin's Wisdom we are engaged in the building of a new magical system which seeks to revive and create a transformative Celtic tradition for the future. This is a set of gateways which can be used by people to come into a closer relationship with their ancestral lands and powers, using them to gain strength and break out of their limitations.

There are many mystery traditions - this is a set of teachings involving one's relation to the self, and the land (the greater self). Merlin's path consists of a series of initiations into these mysteries, mediated by Merlin. The life of Merlin as related in the "Vita Merlini" provides many examples of this process where he enters the state of consciousness of the land itself and is eventually able to unite this awareness with his ordinary human consciousness - transforming into the most familiar and powerful form of Merlin, the wise elder.

Merlin's Wisdom is an ancestral path where land and self are interwined together, it uses out relationship to the land and it's traditional myths and spiritual powers to transform the individual. The initiate of Merlin's Wisdom is encouraged to "find the stars of their truth", in other words the methods and resources from within to discover and embark on their true path, life's work or destiny.

Merlin's Wisdom evolved out of a workshop given by John Matthews and Julian Clark in Wales in 2001, the intention of which was to explore the process of the Celtic Sweathouse. The development of the tradition is ongoing with the facilitators themselves undergoing and developing the further initiations of Merlin’s Wisdom.